9 Incredible Things You Can Do With Magnetic Toys

It’s always fun learning about developmental toys for kids. There are so many options. Best are toys that kids will use in different ways or for years to come, even as they cast aside other toys. Magnetic toys are great. They teach kids about science and let the kids explore in tangible ways.

Magnetic toys are perfect for your budding engineer.

Magnetic manipulatives can be used in many different ways.

Depending on the magnetic set you buy, your child will have fun sorting, building, creating, and using her imagination.

Even better, when he outgrows the magnets — which won’t be for years, as even older kids love them — you and your kids can use them in engaging projects.

Here are 9 amazing things you can do with magnetic toys for some family fun.

Investigate the Magnetic Content of Food

Iron is one of the most essential vitamins we need to survive.

Many of the foods we eat on a daily basis have low levels of iron.

However, it is found in a lot of breakfast cereals.

The first thing you will need is a neodymium magnet.

After you have the magnet, select a cereal that has a high percentage of iron and smash it into tiny bits.

Grab your magnet and hover it above the cereal.

In cereals with higher traces of iron, you should be able to see tiny specks of iron pull onto the magnet!

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Magnetic Ball Marble Run

Use your child’s small magnetic ball to create a marble run out of old paper towel and wrapping paper rolls.

You can even cut up pool noodles in half (horizontally) for longer ramps.

It doesn’t have to be magnetic for it to work; any marble or small ball will do.

Make Painted Wood Sticks

Painted wood sticks or popsicle sticks are another great way to get more use out of your child’s magnetic toys and encourage imaginative play.

You can have your little one paint on the wood sticks in fun and creative designs.

After they are done painting and they dry, take your magnetic disks and put one on each end of stick using a hot glue gun.

Your kids can enjoy playing with the sticks on any magnetic surface.

The fridge is the obvious choice but it could lead to fun little designs around the house.

They can make different designs with the sticks.

magnetic toys
Enjoying magnetic toys

Magnetic Fishing

This can be a fun game for the kids to play on a lazy weekend.

You will need the magnets, paper clips, glue, string, sticks, and any other craft supplies to make the fish.

You will make a fishing pole by tying the end of the string to a stick and putting the magnet on the other end of the string attached to a small piece of the stick.

Once the magnet is attached you can place the paper fish in a bowl or behind a sheet you hang and have your kids start fishing!

Create a Refrigerator Puzzle with your Magnetic Toys

If your child likes doing puzzles, this next tip will be a blast.

Choose one of your child’s puzzles, and adhere magnets to the back of each piece small magnets with super glue.

Your kids will be able to do puzzles on the fridge without you worrying about lost pieces and have company while you are busy in the kitchen.

Magnetic Sculptures

As your child becomes more involved with science, building things may pique their interest.

Another excellent way to get the most out of your magnetic toys is to use the magnets to build sculptures.

For safety purposes, using nuts and bolts for this activity will be a lot safer than any other materials to build with.

Metal lids will also come in handy.

If the magnets from your toy are not big enough to fit in the metal lid, adding flat, ceramic magnets should do the trick.

Once the magnets are in place, you can start adding the nuts and bolts onto the other side of the lid.

If you feel the magnetic structure losing its strength, put another ceramic magnet in the structure, and you shouldn’t have any problem expanding whatever your child builds!

Learn about how construction toys can boost your child’s interest in STEM learning.

Magnetic Slime

Kids love to get messy, and this could be the messiest idea on the list.

To get things started you will need plain Elmer’s glue, liquid starch, iron oxide powder, and of course one (or a few small) neodymium magnets.

To make the slime you will need to put 1/4 cup of liquid starch into a bowl with two tablespoons of iron oxide powder.

You will stir the bowl until it starts to make a liquid form.

Add in 1/4 cup of glue and continue mixing for a few minutes.

Then you will get your hands dirty and mix it by hand!

By this point, it should become the stretchy form you will use!

Pat the slime dry using a paper towel to get any excess liquid off of it.

Then it will be ready to use. Grab your magnet and have fun!

Create a Mini Magnetic Field

This is a simple trick and shouldn’t take much time to get set up.

You will need a round neodymium magnet and copper piping slightly larger than the magnet.

Stand the pipe up and drop the magnet down.

Instead of dropping down quickly, it will slowly descend to the bottom.

This will be fun, exciting, and entertain your children, whenever you bring it out.

Make Jingle Bell Wands

This tip is geared towards younger children but should get them in the holiday spirit.

To make the magnetic jingle bell wands, you will need craft sticks, bells, magnetic disks and a hot glue gun.

First, you will need to glue two magnetic disks on each side of the Popsicle stick.

Once the magnets are in place, glue the bells onto magnets.

Once the bells are securely on the magnets, your child will have a jingle bell wand to enjoy for the holidays.

Keeping Kids Entertained

Magnets are some of the best educational toys for early exploring of STEM concepts.

Magnetic toys are educational and teach about simple science concepts, fostering creativity and exploration.

With any magnets and small pieces, supervise young children and watch younger siblings.

Keep kids entertained with these amazing activities.

These ideas can be all be managed within a small budget and can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

There are so many ways you can get extended use out of your child’s magnetic toys.

Can you think of other fun uses for magnets?

Leave a comment below.

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