CogAT Test – Standard Scale Measuring Genius


It is in almost every parent’s instinct that they want their child to excel in every walk of life and be nothing less than a genius.

But the irony is that most parents never get to find the true genius in their child because of the reason that genius is not confined to one particular attribute.

Rather every child has the ability to be extraordinary in different things.

It is only the matter of finding that field.

Cognitive test is a specifically designed test used to evaluate the very genius in every child.

The test evaluates a child in three fields:  non-verbal skills, verbal skills and quantitative skills.

Reasoning is such an attribute that it develops at a different pace in different individuals and it depends on a number of different factors.

One common misperception is that CogAT test is pretty much the same as an IQ test, this is a false statement because the two tests are very much different.

CogAT test comprises of three portions which are verbal, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning.

This article will discuss in a bit of detail the three portions of the tests.
Cogat test

CogAT Test – Standard Scale Measuring Genius

The portion for Quantitative Reasoning is a designed test related to numbers and mathematical solutions of problems.

For this portion of the test the individual actually has to solve problems by using mathematical applications.

The test measures the ease with which an individual can work with quantitative symbols and concepts and use these concepts to solve daily life problems.

This portion of the test is broken down further into three parts.

These parts are quantitative Relations, Number series and equation Building.

Each of these portions is designed to test the quantitative reasoning of individual from different angles.

Verbal Reasoning skills of the individual are also tested.

These skills may include sentence completion, verbal analogies or lingual thesaurus.

The individual has to solve verbal problems and prove fluency and flexibility when it comes to verbal reasoning.

This portion of the test is also further divided into three major parts which are Verbal analogies, sentence completion and verbal classification.

All three of these parts are designed to test the various verbal reasoning skills of the individual.

The individual has to show reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking skills in order to come up with the reasoning of the problems.

The third and final portion of the CogAT test is non-verbal reasoning.

This involves measuring the reasoning and comprehension skills of the individual based on geometric shapes and figures.

The students have to figure out the patterns in order to come up with the answers.

This portion of the test is not dependent whatsoever on an individual’s previous learning or previous knowledge.

This portion is also further divided into three parts.

CogAT test is way of evaluating an individuals problem solving and reasoning skills.

They are completely independent from an individual’s previous learning and knowledge and it is for this very reason that this test almost always gives surprising results.

What are Cognitive tests and how they work?

Cognitive tests are an important tool for the evaluation of mental function in patients of all ages, ranging from kids with problems in school, or those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other neurological disabilities, to the relatively more common amnesia and dementia in the adult population, to the diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s of old age.

Cognition is how the brain performs the most basic of its tasks that collectively make up how a person thinks, talks and writes or acts towards a certain idea or something.

It involves the mental functions of awareness, comprehension, consciousness and imagination, as well as other higher functions that make each personality different from another.

Cognitive test tends to focus more on the location of the disease process happening within the brain rather than concerning itself with the pathology of the lesion, which is made possible by the mapping out of the areas which normally have some certain functions associated with them, the deterioration of which signify some disturbance in that area which normally handles those operations that are affected.
cognitive tests

What is the function of Cognitive tests?

The basic functions of any cognitive test is to establish the competency of the subject in the processes of orientation, attention, language, memory, executive function, praxis, visual-spatial coordination and general neurological assessment along with a general impression of the person.

This combined with a detailed history and an account of a close relative or parent can be helpful in achieving a working diagnosis.

What are some common cognitive experiments?

The serial position experiment is one test for memory function, which implies that if given some information as a series of names or numbers, we are more likely to remember the ones at the beginning and the end, while forgetting those in the middle.

A word superiority test is used to evaluate speech and language capabilities and works by displaying a word for the smallest instant of a second, and then asking the subject to remember a letter which was part of the original word.

Memory span works by showing the subject some objects in a specific sequence, from similar sounding words to unrelated and difficult words, which they are then asked to recall in the sequence that they appeared in.

Who administers these Cognitive tests and where?

The cognitive tests can be carried out by health care professionals under a controlled hospital environment as well as clinical psychologists and their research assistants in schools or places like old homes or psychiatric centers.

The advances in science and medicine have made possible the early screening and diagnosis of certain debilitating neurological diseases which can be evaluated and managed in a better way by the use of tools like these.

Cognitive tests tend to focus more on the location of the disease process happening within the brain rather than concerning itself with the pathology of the lesion, which is made possible by the mapping out of the areas which normally have some certain functions associated with them.

Cogat test helps you to gain the right knowledge for success