Cognitive Ability Test Employment Selection


A cognitive ability test employment evaluates the reasoning and problem solving skills of an individual.

Good analytic skills are useful when you are faced with work-related challenges and need to act and think fast but smart.

In simple words, a cognitive analysis measures whether you have the aptitude to understand problems, learn, think up solutions and apply reasoning skills.

Reasoning and thinking abilities are very important as they come in handy at all stages of a person’s life.

From the day you started learning to the day that you retire, you will always need a sharp mind.

An improvement in your cognitive ability will mean that you will process information much more quickly and with ease.

In order to have a successful future you need to invest in your skills and the ability to use your skills to the maximum. Skills Testing For Employment

Cognitive Ability Test and its Importance in Employment Selection

With regards to cognitive reasoning and to evaluate someone’s ability to reason, the cognitive ability test was the first of its kind to be designed and researched on in order to accurately assess the capacity of an individual to process information to come up with logical solutions.

The test has different difficulty levels and is designed for different purposes.

For example, there is a separate test for evaluating cognitive ability in children and a separate one for screening potential candidates for employment.

The research done on the subject provides a number of different ways an individual’s cognitive ability can be assessed accurately using different techniques including symbols, numbers, spatial visualizations, analogies and languages.

Also, in light of the research done on cognitive abilities it has been revealed that a cognitive ability test employment helps greatly in realizing an individual’s performance pertaining to education and or work.

These tests provide detailed and unbiased information regarding the performance of a particular employee.

Reference checks and interviews cannot accurately evaluate how the person in question will perform once he or she is employed.

Sure, his/her academic qualifications may serve to impress but still there is no way to objectively gather information regarding how he or she will handle work-related pressure and stress and still perform to the best of his/her abilities.

Cognitive Ability Test Employment
Cognitive Ability Test Employment

The benefit of a cognitive ability test employment is that it evaluates a person’s capacity to learn, it is a unique way to get additional prognostic information.

This information, if combined by what is learned by the employer in an interview, may give a more comprehensive and integrated outlook on the employee.

This enables employer to make informed decisions when hiring new employees.

Dimensions of Cognitive Abilities

There are different dimensions of cognitive abilities which are defined by a cognitive ability test employment.

It assesses the individual’s general mental capacity and capability which involves problem solving and the ability to integrate and adapt to any given information.

The test scores indicate how well someone responds to a complex situation.

The ability to think ahead is measured in the test.

The cognitive ability test also displays how good a person is with numbers and how quickly can he or she use logic to solve number problems.

It also measures how good you are with language and understanding instructions given to you.

In other words, it evaluates your ability to communicate.

Cognitive Ability Test for Employment

The use of a cognitive reasoning test in order to select the proper employee(s) may end up saving you a lot of money.

Nothing is more frustrating for corporations then to go through the entire hiring process in order to determine the most suitable candidate for the job and then choosing the wrong candidate.

Using cognitive screening tests can assure employers who to select without wasting valuable time.

On top of that, employers can relax at the notion that they have been unbiased and fair in the selection process.

According to research provided by firms who have employed such methods, it is astounding to know that the candidates who scored higher in their separate cognitive ability tests have proven to perform better than others without acquiring much training.

Corporations not employing such tactics for employment may end up losing a lot of money and hiring the wrong people for the job.

Individuals who under performs consistently tend to always incur a loss to the corporation, they fail to keep up and learn from their mistakes.

A test of cognitive abilities might have prevented such employees from being employed in the first place.

According to research, the companies who provided cognitive functioning tests ended up saving more than $2 million, on top of that, the employees who were hired after successfully scoring in the cognitive ability test ended up making over $600,000 in sales for their respective companies during the first quarter.

A cognitive ability test accumulates data pertaining to the performance of the individual on the basis of the total he or she has scored in different ability testing sections including numeric reasoning, verbal reason and general reasoning subsets of the test.

If the score determined matches the requirements of the cognitive functioning test, the information regarding particular mental capabilities and skill is accurately evaluated.

Some Important Considerations of a Cognitive Ability Test

These cognitive ability test employment are legitimate and accurately measure a person’s mental capabilities.

It is an important predictor for future success in a number of different career fields, including science and technology, designing and mathematics.

These tests have ‘Face Validity’, meaning more people tend to give their cognitive functioning tests for specific job applications rather than other tests such as an IQ test or a General Reasoning test.

In terms of money, buying a cognitive functioning test is less expensive than creating one.

The test can be managed easily without required the assistance of professional instructors, thus saving more money.

Investing in employees who have specific mental capabilities or those who require less training to perform well in their jobs always saves corporations a ton of money.

Cognitive ability tests can be used effectively for jobs which require high mental abilities and problem solving attributes, such as financial accounting, architecture, science and medicine.

Lastly, cognitive ability test employment can easily be taken online or you can use a pencil and paper to complete the test.

Skills Testing For Employment: Reasons and Benefits

Skills testing for employment and Cognitive Ability Testing are common these days and for obvious reasons.

In the wake of economic crisis, it is not surprising that you see a lot of people being laid off each year.

The number one consequence of a bad economy is unemployment.

In such harsh times when it comes to finding a job, corporations only choose people who are best suited for their purposes.

Instead of hiring 4 separate people they’ll hire two and delegate them the work load of 4 employees with a slight increment in their salaries.

However, when there are a lot of candidates gunning for the same position and who have the same set of skills, academics and experience it become very hard for companies to choose the best from the lot.

It is a tough and demanding job to hire a good employee amongst other potential employees.

Ideally, interviews would provide an insight into potential employees, but that is often deemed too demanding and time consuming and time is what big companies don’t have, at least not in the initial screening phase.

The Whats, Whys and Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening

Fortunately, there is another way which is equally efficient and applicable in such times, and that is the skills testing for employments program.

Pre-employments screening for potential employees is a program in which employers can quickly and fairly decide which employee to hire.

These programs are available on the internet and you can buy them from different credible recruitment/ consulting agencies.

The pre-employment screening program can be a very important asset for you as it evaluates and analyzes each individual employee’s strengths and weaknesses giving you an accurate answer to base your decision on.

Skills testing for employments software and online programs have gotten fairly popular these with major companies and corporations using them to assess their employees.

It is now regarded as a very important business tool to save time and energy when going through a ridiculous amount of paper work following an employment schedule.

Using this tool can be cost effective in the long run.

The screening allows for only suitable candidates to proceed to the next stage which is the interview.

This program comprehensively covers all aspects of the hiring and in the process it highlights important skills and potential weaknesses of a candidate, which otherwise someone might not have mentioned on their resume.

The screening process allows the candidate to show his true potential (if he has any); it allows his knowledge and experience to be defined elaborately, this actually works to the benefit of the candidate.

Skills Testing For Employment
Skills Testing For Employment

Types of Tests Used in a Skills Testing for Employment

For the screening process to be unbiased and fair, the process must include diversity in choosing employees from different regions of the city.

There is no racial discrimination in the screening process and no judgments are made based on ethnicity or religion.

This testing program can be altered to each employer’s specifications according to company policy.

Listed below are the different methods of the screening process;

Cognitive Analysis

Cognitive analysis provides employers with a candidate’s ability to respond to critical situations, his memory skills and decision making abilities.

Cognitive abilities are important and are useful in various situations when working for a multinational company or running your own business.

Plus, it assures your employer that you are well suited for the role you are being considered for.


Skills testing for employment programs test the candidate on the basis of how they are going to respond in high tension situation.

This method tests a candidate’s leadership qualities and how they react to different circumstance and what methods they would use to solve a problem.

This helps the company know whether or not the candidate is suitable for a specific designation or not, for example a management role.

Edge in Testing

Skills testing for employment considerably improve the entire process of hiring the right candidates for the job.

This means that you will always end up hiring the right guy for the job.

Furthermore when you have an adequate workforce you will more likely indulge in retaining as many employees as you can because everyone is right for their respective roles thus improving your workforce which means less redundancy.

Integrity Test

Pre-employment screening also tests an applicant for his loyalty and trustworthiness.

It can help you determine whether or not a candidate is a trouble maker; for example the test can check for use of drugs or drinking problems and so on.

Employers can also have a one-on-one with a potential candidate in order to gauge how truthful he is.

Assessments using team management

Using skills testing for employment also allows you to effectively make good decisions regarding whom to employ as team leaders.

The screening process allows for candidates to show how dedicated and hardworking they are, but this also goes the other way.

When you manage to select a team lead for your individual teams you can be certain that the person you have employed will indeed deliver.

Determining what a candidate really wants

Accurate evaluations can be made using a skills testing for employment process regarding an individual candidate’s attitude towards work, his motivation to work hard, his interest, skills and academics.

This assessment can be utilized by the employer if he wants to compare specific career options that correspond with the applicant’s qualifications.

Using a skills testing for employment protocol for determining which candidate to hire for the job is a very smart and fair recruitment technique.

It is strongly advised that you quickly get used to a pre-employment screening process in order to hire more capable employees.

By doing so you will be preserving a competent, well-balanced workforce and at the same time rest assured that the candidates you have picked will work to the best of their abilities.

What are Online Aptitude Tests?

Basically Online Aptitude Tests for Career are more of a skills test rather than a test that aims at measuring your cognitive or intellectual abilities.

An aptitude examination measures how well you can perform a given task.

Career-related aptitude tests measure your abilities in accordance to the career path you have chosen.

Here are some of the tests which have been designed to measure a person’s aptitude to do things;

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This test involves the grouping of 16 personalities and measuring which personality category you can fit into based on your abilities.

The MBTI can considerably help determine what job type you’re best suited for.

The test normally contains 93 questions and you have 20 minutes to finish them.

If you attempt the test online you will have to pay a small fee.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter – II

In this test there are a total of 4 group temperaments identified as Guardian, Rational, Idealist and Artisan.

Based on what you score in the KTS-II you will be placed in one of the above-mentioned groups.

Then based on what group you have been placed in you will be given career advice.

Strong Interest Inventory

This interest inventory test is designed to test your interests in life and not your skills.

Though a person may be good at something but that does not necessarily mean that he likes what he is doing and may have an entirely different interest.

This test designed using certain principles which may help in determining what ambition and life interests you have.

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

This is one of those Online Aptitude Tests for Career that are focused on measuring a person’s interest and his skills.

The test consists of 60 occupations which require a person to get a secondary education as well.

Your test scores are then compared to individuals who are good at their careers and perform well.

If your traits match with those who are successful at a particular career then that career is chosen for you.

Dewey Color System

Other Online Aptitude Tests for Career such as this one require a person to choose a color which he loves and can relate/identify himself with.

During the test you will also have to choose colors which you do not like or prefer.

Based on the colors that you like and those you don’t, your personality traits are discovered and then based on your personality traits a suitable career is chosen for you.

Sociability Test

These Online Aptitude Tests for Career related to a person social interaction skills.

If you are an extrovert then this may considerably damage you career or future career.

Sociability attributes are highly important if you intend to work in a place where there are frequent group interactions.

This test measures how well you can blend in with others or if you cannot.

Princeton Career Quiz

This test determines a career for you based on what you like and then guides you towards similar or the same career and gives you information on the kind of education you will require.

Job Discovery Wizard

Among other Online Aptitude Tests for Career this one is considered an online tool that based on your skills and scores matches your aptitude with a career that may interest you and indicate the number of jobs similar to what you want to pursue in the market.

Find Your Own Career Test

This is an online test which designed online by a famous job portal called Monster.

It will evaluate your capabilities at performing certain tasks and based on the scores the portal will present suitable careers for you in relation to your preference and taste.

The Stress Test

In today’s corporate world it is important that an individual possess the ability to perform under considerable stress.

This test measures how well you can manage stress; if you your test score matches the standard score then that means that you can manage stress well.

Online Aptitude Tests for Career can point you in the right direction in regards to your future goals and career.

But it is pertinent that you be really honest in answering your questions while taking the test.

If you don’t know the answer to the question that doesn’t in any way mean that you are dumb; just leave the question and move on.

These Online Aptitude Tests for Career are designed to help you reach a smart decision when it comes to choosing the right kind of career.

After all, getting stuck in doing something that does not interest you at all will mean that you are wasting your time when you can invest it doing something that you like.

Online Aptitude Tests for Career
Online Aptitude Tests for Career

Always make sure that you choose the right aptitude test.

Do not try to attempt all of the tests, it may confuse you.

Choose the one that caters to your requirement.

An individual who has the right skill set and the knowledge often lands a job which is incompatible with his ambitions.

This leads to the person getting stressed out and frustrated.

Career mismatching is very common in almost every part of the world and that is why people have designed aptitude tests to alleviate this social problem.

A career evaluation measurement test helps a person to asses himself in regards to his natural and or innate abilities and capabilities.

Every person is good at something, but by the time they realize what they are truly good at it is often too late.

Online capability measuring tests makes the individual realize his capacity to perform at specific tasks.

Online Aptitude Tests for Career scores pinpoint the individual to make a decision which best serves his interests.

While some tests do this by judging your personality, others offer a more different approach to aptitude realization.

If something interests in you in terms of a job then it is expected that you may excel in performing it using you skills.

Career aptitude tests greatly help individuals to find lucrative careers which they are best suited for.

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Online Aptitude Tests for Career

Before you decide to take an online test make sure you attempt a dependable and accurate one.

The tests should consist of questions that relate to an individual’s psychometric knowledge.

Career online aptitude tests are designed to be based on a broader spectrum.

They do not contain structures which pertain to cognitive functions or complex career associated strategies.

You can even consult a career guide and show him/her your aptitude test scores.

Both these factors can considerably help in finding out the correct path.

Online career tests are pretty popular and there are many who attempt to find out what they are good at.

You can accurately gauge your aptitude and other abilities that are unknown to you and lie dormant.

Depending on your career choice/preference online aptitude tests can be specific to an industry.

For example, if you are in IT then you will be tested in regards to your computer skills/ programming skills.

Are Online Aptitude Tests Worth It?

As mentioned earlier, job/career mismatch is a widespread problem and is the sole reason why talented employees resign being frustrated and stressed out because they do not know what they are good.

Online tests can help you in regards to gauging your personality, your social skills, your linguistic skills, your stress management and a variety of other traits.

Moreover, online tests also distinguish what you lag in and where you need improvement.

This can be considerably helpful in learning your shortcomings and overcoming them using the right tools.

Pros and Cons of Online Aptitude Tests

Here are some positives and negatives of career tests online;

Online Aptitude Tests Pros:

  • You do not need to go anywhere to take the test
  • You can easily take your time to prepare for the test
  • You can take the test from anywhere you want
  • All you need is Internet and a laptop/computer
  • The test results are given right away
  • You can match professions based on your preference and test scores
  • The online tests do not take so much and you and generally take 15 to 20 minutes to complete

Online Aptitude Tests Cons:

  • Some questions can be really simple
  • Random questions may result in giving you an inaccurate result
  • Some tests require payment and can be a bit expensive
  • Some of the tests may have accuracy issues
  • Some tests do not show full results and give you partial scores
  • There are some innate abilities and strengths that cannot be assessed using online aptitude tests
  • Complicated test results may fail to sum up the entirety of the aptitude test when choosing a career

Effectiveness of Career Online Aptitude Tests

In any career or job the employer requires only one thing from the employee he hires, and that is his ability to effectively and efficiently do his tasks, after all that is what the employer is paying for.

These factors are the main aspects of any work without which you will not be considered a professional in any circle.

Every individual possesses some sort of talent, no matter how small or unimportant the talent, one can work hard to harbor it and make it stronger.

But what if the skills you have aren’t right for the job that you currently have?

You will end up becoming sad and depressed.

Online Aptitude Tests for Career

Are purposely designed to evaluate and assess a person’s skills pertaining to a specific job.

Furthermore, there are also human resource programs which include coaching skills that assess an individual’s understanding skills in every department.

Dealing with stress at work and exhibiting willingness to work with your team are two components that are required of an employee; aptitude tests tap into a person’s personality in order to measure his traits, and attitude towards his desire to perform well at something he is good at.

Online tests also indirectly measure an individual’s attitude and perspectives regarding the job he is seeking; it tests his leadership skills and the knowledge he possesses to perform the tasks well.

Some employers even tend to test potential job seekers on the interview day by presenting them with a questionnaire.

The questions are simple enough but you are judged on the type of answers you give and why.

Furthermore, a relative analysis about a job seeker’s academic qualifications, his experience and his career aptitude test scores is vital to the employers.

The candidate can be judged whether or not he can justify working at the position he has applied for.

Online aptitude tests are also designed for employees applying for senior positions though the questionnaire is designed a bit differently.

Online Aptitude Tests for Career

Should be taken annually or before giving an appraisal to an employee so that the employee knows where he stands and boosts his motivation to work harder.

Aptitude tests are essentially scientific tests designed to measure a person’s ability to work in a unique way.

Nonetheless, they are also designed to be simple for the person taking the test. Individuals answer questions differently and are judged on how they approach solving a problem efficiently.

The sheets mention scores that the candidate has achieved by answering correctly.

These results provide employers the invaluable information regarding how good a potential candidate is at doing what he/she does best.

Happiness and contentment at the workplace is necessary for an employee to carry out his functions in the best possible manner.

These two factors provide the much-needed motivation to excel in an individual’s career.

Sharpening of skills is also a very important factor which is achieved through trial & error and training.

You can do this by seeking assistance from your counselor or manager; ask him to constantly coach you using soft skills and practical, performance-related assignments.

So be sure not to make haste while searching for a job, remember what wise men once said “only fools rush in”.

Take your Online Aptitude Tests for Career so that you can determine what you are really good at.

These tests go a long way in helping you pursue a well-suited and successful career.