How Space Warp Game Helps Develop Skill Sets


Space Warp Game – When you are thinking of buying a game that challenges your faculties and lets you have fun at the same time, go for the Space Warp game.

This was a popular game – a toy like SpaceRail Level 9 – that was first created in the late 1980s, which was ingenious in its method of assembly.

This game ensured that those who played it had to make a roller coaster out of the various parts – it was one of the earliest assembly games, in that regard.

Space Warp game helps develop skill sets

The users or the players of this game are given the license to create roller coasters of their own, according to their likes or dislikes and their configurations, using the parts that have been provided and using the guide that enables them to understand what goes where.

The parts that are provided are very basic and made of simple materials.

Essentially, a length of a very thick plastic tube is cut into various lengths again and these form the different parts of the roller coaster assembly game.

They form the various curves and the loops that make up the track and they are kept in their place by rail track holders that are made of plastic.

Balls that are made of steel are provided in this Space Warp game and these are meant to follow the track.

These steel balls are then carried up the track, all the way to the top of the roller coaster by a screw conveyor that is battery powered.

Space Warp Game
Space Warp Game

The best part about this Space Warp game is that it can be enjoyed by children of all ages as well as those who are fond of assembly games.

This is a fabulous game that can be played indoors as well as out doors and can be used as a fantastic tool for bonding.

One can spend hours with family and friends, just reconstructing the roller coaster in various styles.

One only has to ensure that the balls made of steel that are provided, do not fly off the tracks during the game and the trick it to ensure that they stay on the conveyor belt all the way to the top.

Since this is an assembly game with no fixed track or structure  it can be constructed, taken apart and constructed again in a different manner.

Any time a new segment is added in the game, the entire track needs to be tweaked again so that the steel balls remain in their place and do not roll off.

Space Warp game

It has been noticed that along with the various joys that the Space Warp game provides its players and users, there are a lot of benefits to the game as well.

For example, the assembly of the game helps to develop the children’ s skills in various ways.

It helps greatly with the sharpening of hand and eye coordination, and helps the children be more precise in their actions.

The Space Warp game also helps sharpen skills of patience, problem solving and helps teach them the laws of physics in a very interesting and creative ways.

It can also help the CogAT Prep for Young Students.

There is also a very nice Space rail Forum to join.
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