Importance of Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test


The purpose of a Naglieri NonVerbal Ability Test is to examine whether or not a child has a particular talent or gift.

If the child is successful in achieving a decent score in the NNAT or the NNAT2 test, he or she might be put in a suitable learning institution where he will be given certain avenues to further their abilities.

The NNAT is a psychological test which probes the child’s reasoning capabilities.

The examination is nonverbal. It includes different illustrations and diagrams with various patterns and shapes.

This test, due to the fact that it does not require one to speak, is considered a fair and balanced test for children belonging to different race and ethnicity who cannot speak English.

Progressive matrices are used to examine children who belong to minority groups and those who are physically disabled, (impaired vision or deafness).

The Naglieri nonverbal ability test helps to distinguish those students who, due to a limited proficiency in English, cannot perform particular well in traditional examinations for example primary, secondary and high school examinations.

The NNAT2 points out whether or not a particular student or groups of students have the ability in them to perform better despite not knowing how to read or write in English that well.

It showcases the fact that a linguistic barrier does not mean that the child is incapable of learning.

This being said, it should be clear that while this test assess only a single aspect of a student’s performance.

Tests other then the NNAT may help in identifying a student’s other strengths.

Stages of the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test

There are different stages of the Naglieri nonverbal ability test. There are seven in total.

This test can be taken by children aged 5 – 16 years old, roughly from kindergarten through high school.

For children going to kindergarten there are kindergarten levels NNAT.

The examination consists of different questions including reasoning through analogy, completion of puzzles and patterns, sequential reasoning and 3-Dimensional imagery.

Many people believe that the Naglieri nonverbal ability test is a sophisticated and effective way to screen children for their talents.

Why Should Your Child Attempt the NNAT/NNAT2?

There are several things about this test that set it apart from others.

The NNAT does not require verbal communication.

You do not need a reason/qualification to attempt it.

Teachers can administer the examination individually or in groups.

It is suitable for a diverse range of ethnicities and minorities.

There is equality in testing.

Realization of ability or gift through natural reasoning abilities.

Difference Between the NNAT and the NNAT2

There are no major differences between the Naglieri nonverbal ability test and the NNAT2.

Both tests are designed to examine the hidden potential of children through spatial visualizations, reasoning through analogy etc.

Consider this test as a tool to let your child get enrolled in an institution designed for children who are naturally gifted.

There are seven levels of questioning in each of the tests.

The only difference between the two is of the number of questions.

The NNAT has only 38 questions while the NNAT2 has 48 questions.

You can even let your child take the test online.

You will be provided with instructions on how to prepare your kid for the test.

Preparation for the NNAT Test

The Naglieri nonverbal ability test is considered to be very tough.

So if you want your child to succeed in securing above average to high scores, you will need to prepare him or her for the test.

Remember that the preparation for such tests is not an overnight thing; you need time, effort and patience as you prepare your child.

Your kid needs to understand the different sorts of questions she will be facing.

It is advisable that you start preparing your child at least 2 to 3 months before attempting the test.

If you need to know the difference between a child who is bright and a child who is naturally gifted then it will be smart if you to let your child attempt the NNAT test.

Duration of the NNAT

The NNAT has 38 questions to be completed within half an hour, which is 30 minutes.

Is there any way that I could interpret the score sheet?

Scoring of the NNAT is done through a percentile system.

Score ranks can range from 1-99, based on what your child has scored the test helps define how your child performed in comparison to other children who belong to the same age as your child in a normative reference group nationwide.

For example if a child was placed in the 95th percentile, it means that he or she has scored over 95%, higher than others students of his or her age.

Children placed in 25th or 75th percentile are considered to be in the ranges of standardized expectations.

You can also view your child’s ability index score to find out how he performed.

Simply put, students who have scored 68 points out of 70 then would be ranked in the 2nd percentile.

Similarly if the student secures 71 or 72 then he will be ranked in the 3rd percentile and so on and so forth.

This string of percentages continues till the scores of 133 to 150 which if any students has managed to score will place him in the 99th percentile.

What is a Raw Score Sheet?

You can also ask for your child’s raw score sheet when he is done with his Naglieri nonverbal ability test.

A raw score sheet contains the number of questions which have been answered by the student correctly.

Raw scores are then measured to form scaled scores that are arranged in order of the age group that your child belongs to.

Normative referencing is another way of comparing students on their performance of the NNAT with other students appearing for the test belonging to the same age group.

What are the Admission Requirements of a Gifted School?

In order to determine whether or not your kid can get an admission to any gifted school you will need to match its requirements.

You can do that by comparing your child’s score in the Naglieri nonverbal ability test with what a particular gifted school requires.

Each program has different requirements and considerations when it comes to enrolling gifted students.

Many gifted programs have a standardized cut off, for example some schools require a 93rd percentile, some start from the 88th percentile and some may even require a 96 percentile (the highest percentile).

If you or your child’s teacher does not have information regarding the requirements necessary to get admission to a gifted school, it is best that you contact the institutions you are considering more detailed information.

Should I be worried if there is Considerable Inconsistency between my child’s performance on the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test as compared to his performance in school?

No reason to worry.

There are many students who may do considerably well on their NNAT tests but fail to impress when it comes to displaying their abilities to demonstrate well in the classroom.

The main purpose of the NNAT tests is pointing out that while a particular student does not do well in class but has performed well in the NNAT, he or she has the ability to do better than anybody else in his or her classroom.

Measuring potential is the crux of the Naglieri nonverbal ability test.

The reverse also happens; many fail to impress in the NNAT test but are outstanding students in their classroom.

Tips and guidelines for attempting a Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test

In order to attempt the NNAT/NNAT2 tests you need to prepare way ahead of schedule.

It is a complex test aimed at defining your learning and reasoning abilities so you need to know what you will be dealing with.

Here’s how you can prepare for the NNAT/NNAT2 test.

Start Preparing

Since the Naglieri nonverbal ability test does not requirement any speaking, which means that that the test will be wordless, it is also quite suitable for children who do not speak English.

But because it is a nonverbal test, it could be something entirely new for your child.

It would help your child if you took some time out and started preparing some time before the test.

One of the best ways to help prepare your child is to have them review sample questions.

By giving them the advantage of seeing the directions in advance, they will know what they will have to do when they are actually sitting in front of the test. They won’t use as much time trying to understand directions.

Expose your child to the line of questioning in sample NNAT tests and make sure that your child manages to complete the test within the allotted time.

Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Practice Tests and Guides are online.

Spatial Reasoning

A Naglieri nonverbal ability test consists of questions related to spatial reasoning.

Spatial reasoning utilizes the use of different shapes and patterns and their relationships to identify how a particular child may interpret them.

You can try and use tangram pieces to practice spatial reasoning with your child.

Create different shapes and patterns and ask your child to form different shapes.

This can be a fun process for both parents and their child.

Naglieri nonverbal ability test
Naglieri nonverbal ability test

Engage Your Child in Solving Easy Puzzles

Puzzle-solving skills can considerably increase your child’s spatial reasoning abilities.

The Naglieri nonverbal ability test also includes puzzle solving questions.

So a healthy amount of experience can greatly increase your kid’s chances of performing well in the NNAT test.

You can easily engage your kid in puzzle solving tricks and tips by playing puzzle games on the internet.

Jumble all the pieces and rotate them side to side so that it is more challenging for your child.

Puzzle games are enjoyable and at the same time can help your child to prepare for his or her Naglieri nonverbal ability test.

The Space Warp game also helps sharpen skills of patience, problem solving and helps teach them the laws of physics in a very interesting and creative ways

Do Math with Your Child to Increase his Analytical Skills

It is also important that you teach your child math analogies.

Kids tend to face a lot of problems when it comes to positive and negative numbers, values and mathematical evaluations.

The NNAT consists of a lot of math analogies so you need to prepare your child to solve and identify math puzzles and analogies.

Problems solving abilities are essential in order to succeed and that is why schools focus on a child’s mathematical development.

Similarly, analogies teach focus on breaking problems in to different stages in order to identify their components so that the problem is easily recognized and solved in minimal time.

Good problem-solving skills give students the ability to form very good solutions to complex problems that they face in the later years of their academic life.

How Can I Teach Math Analogies to my Kid?

You can easily buy books that contain puzzles and problem solving scenarios.

Make it a habit to practice with your child.

For example you can practice simple math analogies when you are driving with your kid or when you are having dinner.

Just make sure that he gets a lot of practice.

You can use math analogies like “5 is to 25 as 25 is to?”

This routine will greatly benefit your kid to appear for the Naglieri nonverbal ability test.

Testing day

The NNAT test is just 30 minutes long and in those 30 minutes you need to complete a total of 38 questions.

You will have to make sure that your child is adequately prepared for the test.

Tell her that this test is important and that she needs to perform to the best of her abilities.

Before the NNAT test day, make sure that you let your kid is well-rested.

These are some of the guidelines that you can focus on when having your kid attempt the Naglieri nonverbal ability test.

Many do not realize the importance of a NNAT, with some parents thinking that the test will not be suitable for their children who don’t speak English.

The fact is that the test is also recommended for all children.

It is in fact ideal for those who find it difficult to perform well due to a language barrier.

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