How Important are the Results of a CogAT Test


CogAT test is a useful determination of a person’s overall ability to comprehend and to learn.

It does a good job at predicting how well a child will do over the course of their studies.

CogAT test results can also be useful to pinpoint a child’s strengths in order to further develop them.

CogAT is an overall cognitive abilities exam that measures students’ problem-solving capabilities and their likelihood for success in school.

Innate reasoning capabilities and critical thinking skills are useful predictors for children’s lifetime learning ability.

The Results of a CogAT Test

CogAT test results measure three major factors that combine to give an impression of a child’s abilities.

Cogat Results:

  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Non-verbal reasoning skills

It is only a guide, as there are many other factors that will enhance or inhibit the success of any child.

If you are wondering if you should let your child take the CogAT test, you must read this.

Although it is important to have a score to determine the level of functioning for your child, it is also important to not label, or predetermine the capabilities of the child based on the overall scores that they receive.

They should be a useful guide for helping the child, or to aid in assistance, but should not be a means of holding the child back, or to put limitations on expectations for them.

There are many children who are good test-takers and many who are not.

The way that your child performs on any given test is not always a fair representation of their abilities.

There are things like test anxiety, or attention deficit issues that can alter the results and render them not as useful as you may think.

A great thing to do for your child is to let them see the types of questions on the CogAT.

There are three sections to each test (verbal, quantitative, non-verbal).

Letting your child learn about the nine types of questions — in advance of the test — is one of the best things you can do for your child.

They will know what they are supposed to do instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out the directions.

Sample CogAT questions and CogAT practice tests

If your child is not used to taking tests, or has the inability to focus for whatever reason, the results will not be of much help to determine their overall success and should be considered in such a light.
Cogat test
The importance of a CogAT test is that it can be a useful guide to helping your child if they are having difficulty in one area.

It is also a fantastic test to single out particular strengths your child has.

As an example, spatial reasoning skills.

By using the cognitive test as a guide, it is useful.

However, a lot depends on how your child was feeling that day.

Did he/she get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast, etc.?

If your child is set to take a CogAT test, it is helpful if you prepare them for it by helping ease any anxiety that they may be having.

Taking time to review practice questions with your child

Your children want, above all else, to please you.

Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on them, or make them feel as if it is more important than it is.

If you put too much stress on them than the importance of the test will certainly not only be less, but the results will yield much less useful information for their overall outcome in school.

Review the CogAT workbook together.

Read a few pages in advance of going over them with your child so you will be calm.

Then, enjoy the time with your child, making it fun and special time together in a stress-free environment.

Even if you child doesn’t place into an advanced program his or her school may have, by working on the CogAT workbooks, they will gain valuable, intangible skills that are not often taught in the classroom.

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