Interpret Your Child’s CogAT Scores and Their School Success

Your child’s CogAT scores are good at predicting if there is an area that your child either is experiencing a weakness or strength, and can be a guide on how to either help or to develop either of them.

What’s great is you can start now to prepare them for the next time they take the CogAT.

Having familiarity with the types of questions on the CogAT will make all the difference.

When I had my son do one of the practice tests, he surprised me by not understanding one of the math sections.

You do not want your child to waste critical time during the test to figure out what they are supposed to do.

The CogAT directions will be the same.

They will be asking for a certain type of answer so let your child use his/her time figuring out each question instead of figuring out the directions.

There are CogAT practice tests for all grades.

Your Child’s Cogat Scores

A Cognitive Abilities Test is something that is unlike other tests.

It is a learning abilities evaluation that says little about what they actually already know and more about what they are capable of figuring out.

Each of us uses different skills to solve a problem, in fact, no two individuals will usually approach a problem from the same perspective.

Although there are natural tendencies, each person is different.

Should I Let My Child Take the Cogat Test
Benefits of Taking the CogAT Practice Test

The Cogat test is a way to determine which skills your child is using to reason through a problem and to come to a conclusion. Understanding Your Childs CogAT Scores

Cognitive testing measures your child’s ability according to three different areas: Quantitative, Verbal and Non-verbal skills.

When a person is confronted with a problem, they have the ability to use any of their reasoning skills to solve it.

For example, if your child encounters a problem that is quantitative in nature, if they have a highly functioning quantitative skill set, they will do better than someone who is functioning higher in verbal reasoning.

Therefore, the test really is just a measure of how well a person is able to solve general problems that require either one, two, or all of the reasoning skills that should be at their disposal.
CogAT Scores
The cognitive test is good for determining if someone has a weakness in one skill set such as verbal reasoning.

If you know that your child has a weakness in that area, you are able to teach them the skills to compensate for that weakness with other skills, thereby, making the test worthwhile.

Interpreting CogAT scores

When interpreting the scores, however, it is best to not put too much stake in them for determining their overall capabilities.

We all would like to think that tests are the end all, be all, but we also know that there are many other factors at play.

When interpreting your child’s Cogat Scores results, don’t overreact by thinking that they need intervention unless you have noticed a problem yourself, or the educator has noticed one either.

If you are concerned, it is best to have them reevaluated to make sure of the validity of the outcome.

Perhaps your child was having a bad day, or misunderstood the directions.

It is okay to use the test to make recommendations for your child going forward, but it is not okay to overreact to the results and to label, or to lower, your expectations of what they are capable of going forward.

Cognitive Abilities Practice Tests and Books

If you just received your child’s CogAT scores, first of all, breathe.

In most cases, they are not going to indicate if your child should be a part of MENSA, nor are they going to mean that your child is going to end up living in your basement forever.

Take steps now to prepare your kids for the next time.

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