Should You Let Your Child Attempt CogAT Practice Test


If you think your child has been blessed with a gift to perform better than others at certain things like education and or sports and if you wish to determine how good they really are these activities, then having them take CogAT practice test is the best way to find out.

Cognitive Abilities Test is a form of examination which is designed to test a child’s or a student’s aptitude for performing certain things.

It determines whether or not they are eligible to enter programs which promote and motivate an individual’s talents.

Should I Let My Child Take the Cogat Test
Benefits of Taking the CogAT Practice Test

The Significance of a Cognitive Abilities Test

In order to expose your child to a CogAT test it is imperative that a few guidelines be known to the parents encouraging their children.

The test is based on percentages; the higher the percentage the more likely your kid will succeed in the test.

It is simple to understand really, but many still fail to comprehend it.

So here is what the percentage system in the test is all about; the score each individual has decides their results.

The percentage recorded is the score for that individual who has given the test.

Consider the situation where 45 % of the children who took the test got scored below 35 points and the other 55% scored even lesser than 35 points.

Based on this result, if it is known that if a student scored above 60% then that individual will placed at the 60th percentile.

Sections in the CogAT test

Each part of the test comes with a time limit.

There are subsets of each part of the CogAT which are as follows; the Verbal Battery, Quantitative Battery and the Non-Verbal Battery.

The child attempting this test must complete all questions given in the time given to him/her.

In the CogAT practice test there are questions which need to be chosen as the best answer, meaning each question is an MCQ (multiple choice question).

The test is basically designed to test a child’s way of thinking, how he or she forms an idea, their vocabulary, ability to comprehend, perceptions, ideas and the ability to choose different words while comprehending each word’s difference in meaning.

These abilities are examined through the cogAT practice test, in which each section deals with a different ability. Understanding Your Childs CogAT Scores

For instance, the ability to comprehend different terminologies can be analyzed through the Verbal Battery subset, critical thinking and problem solving can be analyzed through the Quantitative Battery subset, while the reasoning ability through illustrations can be assessed in the Non-Verbal battery subset.

This last part deals with illustration in various geometrical forms and shapes viewed by the children to access real cognitive abilities.

Cogat Practice Test
Cogat Practice Test

Does Practicing for this Test Help in Getting Better Percentages?

While getting ready for a real Cognitive Analysis Test it is pertinent that students who are especially bright consider attempting a cogAT practice test.

Practice make perfect, and this makes perfect sense.

Practicing and applying your talent or ability before seriously attempting the test may help you gain more confidence and help apply your critically thinking abilities.

The practice test is no different from the real thing.

Practicing beforehand for the test will give you an advantage, primarily related to better time management.

As each section has a different time period it is important to time yourself and expect the unexpected.

If you do not practice like this, it is likely that you will fall behind.

How Can You Prepare for a CogAT practice test?

Getting a good tutor is always a smart thing to do for any test.

A competent, well-known tutor can help teach your kid different time management tricks and help you prepare for a situation where you may feel you are lost and are falling behind.

Through the practice test, which is designed as the original test, you can allow your child to face the music with confidence, determination and motivation.

Your child must enjoy giving the test so you must ensure that he is properly tutored and in the right environment.

Though it is true that the CogAT is purely psychological and is designed to bring out the talent and hidden cognitive abilities of your child, it is still a better idea that you prepare him for a CogAT practice test.

Practicing ensures quicker responses, better time management and confidence for children appearing for the examination for the first time in their lives.

A practice test will no doubt prepare your child to start steering in the right direction.

So get a tutor now and start practicing.

Is there a Difference Between a CogAT and an IQ test?

There is a significant difference between an IQ test and a CogAT. While the IQ test aims for the students to score points which determine how smart they are, a CogAT assesses a person’s critical thinking ability.

It involves a psychological touch and also provides timely learning and information handling by the child.

While an IQ test is all about general knowledge, a CogAT provides a more detailed approach to critical assessment.

Cognitive Assessments are Important

A cognitive assessment reviews one’s talent and skill to determine whether or not he can achieve more through his expertise.

The main goal of a CogAT practice test is to make sure you find the correct solutions to any given problem.

Without the element of swift smart judgment, one will not be able to differentiate between what an animal is and what a human being is.

A CogAT practice test is fundamental to creating the right attitude for your kid.

There are many parents out there who do not recognize the significance of a CogAT practice test and what it can do for the mental capabilities for their children.

Many school teachers also do not encourage parents to let their children take the CogAT test.

It is strongly advised that you encourage your children to attempt the CogAT test in order to identify any hidden potential or talent which might change their and other lives for the better.

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