SpaceRail level 8 Review of The Epic Roller Coaster Game

SpaceRail Level 8 Review

The SpaceRail level 8 review speaks of the eighth level of the epic roller coaster game as being quite tough, even for seasoned players.

It is quite obvious that it would be, given that the roller coaster assembly game SpaceRail is quite challenging as it goes up the ladder where the various levels are concerned.

This roller coaster game is a very popular assembly one because it very quickly catches the attention.

The spacerail level 8 review states how each game comes with neatly categorized parts which are easy to check and understand.

The game is fabulously structured and once you work your way up over each level, you will be able to feel a sense of epic satisfaction that is not to be felt with other assembly games.

This game – SpaceRail – will truly blow your mind. spacerail level 8

SpaceRail Level 8 Review

The Space Rails level 8 review says that this level is a particularly difficult one – and it would be fair to assume it is right because  after all, level 8 is no joke, considering the game has 10 levels in the first place.

Once you have reached this level you might think you have familiarized yourself with all the various aspects of this assembly game and that assembling the roller coaster will be a piece of cake.

Well, it would be a safe thing to say that being complacent just because you have reached this level is no guarantee you will be able to sail through.

The best part about this game is that it challenges you to use your mind and the fact that you can customize this game according to your liking is surely what will catch your attention.

SpaceRail Level 8 Review
SpaceRail Level 8 Review

The SpaceRail 8 review is such that it does not tell you everything about the game but tells you enough to leave you interested.

Since this set is quite the pleaser and really stimulates your mind, it would be a good idea to invest in it.

Where to assemble SpaceRail set

All you need is a large and clean table.

The important thing is to have an area you can lay out all the various parts of the game in order.

You will want to have sections in which to organize the pieces.

Then, you can assemble the game perfectly.

Be sure the table is somewhere where no one will disturb it.

This is also a very easy task if you follow the instructions carefully.

The spacerail level 8 review also states that once instructions are followed carefully, assembling the game is easy.

The sense of achievement that follows successful assembly of the roller coaster is great.

This building set provides opportunities for bonding time for parents and children as well as grandparents.

Therefore, all in all, this is a great game to invest in.

Do try and work your way up the levels in an organized manner.

Starting with SpaceRails Level 8 will be overwhelming to those who are new to SpaceRails.

This is true no matter what their age and skill level.

The great thing is that when you start at the lower level, you will be able to master it.

When you have that sense of accomplishment, you can work your way up to Level 8.

Spacewarp Level 9 ~ 200ft of Spacerail – Hardest Level

SpaceRail Level 9 - Spacewarp Level 9

Spacewarp level 9 – When was the last time you played a game where you didn’t have to use a console, joystick or a keyboard?

Must have been a while, given the proliferation of video games.

So, if you feel nostalgic about the games you played growing up or just love trains, Spacerail – Spacewrap Level 9 is just the game for you.

Old School Gaming Just Got Better!

Spacerail/Spacewarp Level 9 ,200ft of Rails – New Arrival – Special Edition, Limited – Hardest Level for Genius Kids

Spacerail level 9 - Spacewarp Level 9
SpaceRail Level 9 – Spacewarp Level 9

What is Spacerail / Spacewarp Level 9?

Spacerail Level 9 (Spacewarp Level 9) is a do-it-yourself toy designed for kids and adults alike.

It is a plastic roller coaster set up with two or maybe three steel marble rolling balls which roll up and down the tracks upon completion.

Its assembly requires players to adjust the lengths they require and build the entire track, which is two feet long, for the roller coaster to move on.

Spacerail /Spacewrap Level 9 is perhaps the most difficult game in the series which is why the makers have decided it will conclude it.

You have no less than 200ft. of rail to assemble and play with.

Apart from the fun and enjoyment you derive from Spacerail games or Spacewarp Games here is a list of other advantages the game offers:

The more obvious advantage of building a level 9 Spacerail is the sheer pleasure of achievement.

Building the track is not as easy as it may sound to you.

Arranging and assembling all of the parts to form a giant roller coaster is indeed challenging, not to mention complex.

This is why the ideal age to play the game is over 15.

This one isn’t for young kids but that doesn’t mean you cannot play it with your kids!

Secondly, there are a lot of different parts that you could use in your Spacerail kit level 9 to make customization roller coaster designs.

This allows participants building the roller coaster to be more creatively engaged and not just try to follow instructions, not that you can anyways.

You can put your own spin on the design and come up with something unique.

Believe it or not, this could prove to be a great stress buster.

Furthermore, if you haven’t played the game before, it will do you good if you purchase earlier versions of the game.

It would give you a good idea of what needs to be done to maximize the fun you derive from the game and work your way up.

Most of the time, due to the experience gained playing earlier levels; players find it easy to build advanced roller coasters.

Last but not least, you can attempt to make the roller coaster as diverse as possible in order to allow the steel marble balls to go wherever you want.

Based on your modifications the way the marbles balls travel could turn to be a really cool spectacle.

So, why wait?

As you can see this game has the potential to become your new guilty pleasure.

Not to forget that if you order right away, you can enjoy a great offer on this old-school rail game!

CogAT Tests are Generally Used to Predict Success of Students


The term Cogat, or Cognitive Abilities Test, is used for assessing the reasoning and problem-solving skills of students.

The results of CogAT tests are generally used to predict the success of students in school, as though reasoning abilities tend to develop gradually throughout a person’s lifetime, it develops at different rates.

Cognitive Abilities Test results of students of the same age indicate the level of understanding, reasoning and problem-solving abilities in chiefly three different areas – verbal, quantitative and non-verbal.

However Cogat does not gauge other factors like motivation, effort and work habits that are also vital for school achievement.

All the three sections in Cogat are referred to as batteries and each battery consists of a set of questions that test different reasoning and problem solving abilities of a student.

In the Cognitive Abilities Test verbal battery, a student is tested for his/her flexibility, adaptability and reasoning with spoken materials and in solving verbal questions.

These reasoning skills play a major role in nearly all verbal learning tasks, reading knowledge, critical thinking and writing.

CogAT implies to Cognitive Abilities Test:

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In the Cogat quantitative battery, the quantitative reasoning skills, flexibility and ease while working with quantitative figures and concepts and the ability to establish, structure and define a meaning to an unordered set of numerals and arithmetic symbols are checked.

This type of reasoning abilities is related to problem-solving skills in mathematics and other disciplines.

The non-verbal battery in Cognitive Abilities Test evaluates the reasoning abilities of the student using some geometric figures and shapes.

This section contains a set of novel problems and the student has to devise strategies to successfully and effectively solve the problem.

For solving these types of unusual problems, a student has to not only be flexible while inventing ideas but also be accurate to implement on them.

Cogat is generally considered as an aptitude test of sorts that is given from kindergarten to grade 12.

The most important goal for which Cogat was administered was to help teachers understand and adapt to their student’s needs, which will help the student learn effectively.

Cognitive Abilities Test

For example if a student has shown an irregular pattern of comparative strength and weaknesses, then the teacher will be clearly able to assess the strengths and weakness of the student’s reasoning abilities.

By giving more complex opportunities to a student on his/her strengths, a teacher will be actually helping the student to build on his or her strength.

It is only after establishing a strong foundation on his or her strengths that a teacher can now focus on a student’s weakness.

By guiding the student to develop on his/her weaker reasoning abilities, the teacher can gradually start building the student’s weaker reasoning skill into his/her strength.

Besides helping students learn effectively, Cognitive Abilities Test also helps teachers in knowing whether the student is not able to perform to his or her potential due to some other hindrances, like he or she has poor vision, poor hearing abilities or learning disabilities.

Cogat is also used to help recognize academically gifted students and also otherwise talented students.

Cogat is a nationally normed test and hence it is very useful in comparing a student’s test performance with the test performances of other students of the same age.

This helps both teachers and parents to know about the child’s school accomplishment.

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Cognitive Abilities Test

Is your child that smart as you brag about?

Or is he  just another dream breaker you put your hopes in?

There is but one way to answer that question but it comes with a professional assessment test.

The Cognitive Abilities Test can be the litmus test for your child’s future in talented and gifted programs because if he is a genius, then he/she is your golden ticket.

All basic skills you may encompass through your school life shall help you in your professional life, that’s where Cognitive Abilities Test steps in making sure that the value and talent of such gifted child does not go to waste.

Anyone can get a GED and run a small time business but is that what you aim for your child with a potential?

If you care about the worth of such aptitude then why not give a chance and test their cognitive abilities with the help of the Cognitive Abilities Test.
Cognitive Abilities Test
The verbal batteries section of the Cognitive Abilities Test is the collective assessment of various verbal tests that present the student with challenges for perfecting speech and selection proper words thus improving vocabulary and thinking process while composing a sentence.

Good writing and talking are basic requirements in any job of any profession and to make this ability impeccable for the coming future, Verbal battery is the test one must not omit.

Verbal reasoning is essential and involves three forms of assessment namely, verbal classification, sentence completion and verbal analogies.

In verbal classification, the applicant must choose a word that pairs with the provided word in the same context as presented.

In sentence completion the candidate must choose the correct, rather the most precise word to fill in the blanks.

The last part is the verbal analogies.

This part concludes the verbal reasoning and comprises of providing a possible relation from the given words.

Cognitive Abilities Test also involves a non-verbal reasoning test, which is composed of geometrical shapes and various pictures that allow the see and assess type of test for the candidate. In order to efficiently solve the problems in the given deadline, it is quite helpful if the student attempts this part with a formulated strategy so it may be done as fast possible with higher percentage of matching the illustrations.

The first part is the figure classification and involves three figures of which the matching ones must be selected from the five options offered in the question.

The next is figure analogies. In this section the student is presented with 3 shapes, two of which are a pair and the third is to be paired from the given options.

The last is the figure analysis and comprises of a simple yet very challenging task.

The candidate is required to predict the shape of a folded figure with several changes made to it and tell what the unfolded version must look like.

The quantitative batteries measures quantitative reasoning skills: flexibility and fluency in working with quantitative symbols and concepts: and the ability to organize, structure and give meaning to an unordered set of numbers and mathematical symbols.

These reasoning skills are significantly related to problem solving in mathematics and other disciplines

The last section is the quantitative reasoning which is solely mathematics.

This section has a great impact on the evaluation of the student telling how smart he is and what criteria of challenge suits him best.

There are the quantitative relations, number series and the equation building all of which involve use of numbers.

Cognitive Abilities Tests are conducted to investigate the creativity and reasoning process of the mind.

They are not exactly IQ test although their goals are quite shared with the Cognitive Abilities Test.

To evaluate these areas and study the possibility of future progress, certain tests are prepared targeting certain areas to bring out the awaiting achiever from the candidate.