What To Do If You Are Questioning Your Child’s CogAT Scores


We all think our children are geniuses, and to us, they are.

There are many parents who will see the results of tests taken by their children and will be upset and confused about what they mean.

A CogAT, or cognitive abilities test is one of those tests that can really make a parent concerned about the overall learning capabilities of a child.

When you receive the CogAT scores of your child’s learning ability which is far less than what you thought them capable of, it may leave you feeling anxious, or overwhelmed.

It is important, first of all, to really understand what the score means, and how relevant, or important it really is.

We have become a nation of tester’s. We like to test our children to find out what their capabilities are and what they know.

Although a good practice, if the test is inaccurate at measuring what it is supposed to, then it is not worth subjecting the child to taking it.

CogAT test is one that was designed not to define a child’s capabilities, but to enhance them, and to aid them when there may be a weakness that can be eliminated as a hurdle to their learning.

Many parents misunderstand what a cogat test is really for and think that it is a judgement of how “smart” their child is, when in actuality, it is just a guide for their strengths and weaknesses for learning.

A cognitive test is comprised of testing a child in three main areas, non-verbal, verbal and quantitative reasoning.

It is not a test that was devised to find out what the child “knows”, it was designed to decipher how the child knows.

Each of us uses different reasoning skill sets to solve problems and within each of us, there some skills will be more dominant than others.

So the test is not an indication of how “knowledgeable” they are, it is an assessment of how they use reasoning skills inherent in them to solve the problems that they encounter.
CogAT Scores

Questioning Your Child’s Cogat Scores

Why is it important to know the skill sets of your child?

We solve problems in the world around us guided by the way that we perceive it.

We must take into account all areas of a problem to solve it which include non-verbal, verbal and sometimes quantitative qualities.

If a child has an inability to use one of those skills, there ability to problem solve will be hindered.

The aim of the Cogat is to determine the functioning level of each area for the child.

There are many factors that play into why a child scores the way that they do on any cognitive abilities test, some of them have nothing to do with their overall capabilities.

If you feel like the test was not representative of their real abilities, then have no fear, it does nothing to change their educational course, in fact, it will only foster a little more help to push them to greater success.

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