Review of SpaceRail Level 9 Special Edition Limited For Genius Kids

The majority of enthusiasts who enjoy this popular roller coaster game aim to reach SpaceRail Level 9.

It’s the last and most challenging set in the SpaceRail series.

If you’ve progressed through the other sets, it makes sense to want to complete this challenging course.

This ultimate level is ideal for advanced players because it is quite exacting and will take a long time to set up.

If you are someone who has patience, enjoys problem solving, and gets immersed in tinkering, you will be happy with it.

If you are already familiar with SpaceRail games, you know the assembly will be complex — this is what makes it so captivating.

SpaceRail Level 9 Marble Roller Coaster

Adults and teens who are interested motivated by challenges will enjoy SpaceRail Level 9 at their first attempt or after having gone through the previous levels. Know it will still take hours to complete.

If you’ve already completed SpaceRail 8, you will be ready for SpaceRail 9.

If you’ve never built a SpaceRails coaster, you won’t want to buy Level 9 to start.

Is SpaceRail 9 for kids?

There may be tweens or teens who can successfully build the roller coasters with supervision.

However, you wouldn’t want to buy them Level 9 to start.

It’s important to start with a much easier track so they can familiarize themselves with how to build SpaceRail.

They will learn essential science and engineering skills to make them more successful and to make the overall experience that much better.

The directions are often difficult to decipher.

Your kids will benefit from the experience of starting with the still-challenging, smaller, less-involved sets.

Then as your child gets older and has completed some of the sets, he/she and you can decide if you want to get SpaceRail 9.

It’s far better to support your teen’s confidence with a smaller set — which will still most likely be a feat to complete.

Let them learn about the physics and engineering concepts and build on those skills with an easier set.

No matter what lower level set you choose, your kids will be applying STEM concepts and critical thinking skills to complete it.

For an older teen who is interested in engineering, this can be an engaging and enriching activity.

It would also be something to set out with a friend or two — much like in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle — for them to work on and collaborate with together.

There are very intricate pieces.

You will want to be sure to have an area you can reserve to set this up in order to set out and organize all of the components.

Being organized will make it less complex.

All About SpaceRails
All about SpaceRails

Features of SpaceRail Level 9

Spacerail Level 9 is also called Spacewrap Level 9.

It’s advertised as the Hardest Level for Genius Kids for a reason.

See Spacewarp Level 9

For certain, it has similar features to the lower level SpaceRails.

Yet, it has some differences which make it stand out.

Some of the details in the Level 9 roller coaster include:

  • Track length – Players on this level of the SpaceRail game are able to build tracks of various lengths. These tracks are the ones that hold the steel balls that roll around in the building set and eventually make the various movements captivating regardless of the number of times the balls move round.
  • Battery powered –  During assembly, you will attach a battery-powered elevator which will transport balls to the top. The elevator ensures the balls move seamlessly on the roller coaster. Furthermore, the construction material is hard plastic. This also allows the elevator to do its job much more efficiently.
Spacerail Level 9 ~ Spacewarp Level 9
Spacerail Level 9
  • Minimum age –  As stated above, this set is difficult. There are hundreds of pieces. This is definitely a set for older teenagers who are interested in STEM activities. SpaceRail sets the minimum age at 15 years old. It is also ideal for adults as it will still be a challenge.
  • Competitive price – For the fun and mental challenges this advanced Level 9 roller coaster game offers players, it is a decent price. If you consider what Lego sets cost, this will also provide hours of entertainment.

In conclusion, SpaceRail Level 9 is one of the best roller coaster games for people that enjoy challenging tasks.

It can also be used to help older teenagers to take a break from electronics and have the experience of completing a detailed project. What an accomplishment!

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People drawn to these types of roller coaster sets and activities tend to have the patience.

Working on it for hours is part of the fun for these game enthusiasts.

Once you’ve completed the set, you have the thrill of running the steel balls on the tracks to see if it works.

Constructing the coaster is half the fun.

Afterwards, you get to play on the roller coaster you built!

This particular level is considered an ultimate challenge for those that want to reach the peak in the game and be crowned victorious at the end of it all.

There are a number of game stores that sell SpaceRail Level 9 kit.