Space Rail Roller Coasters are Educational


Space Rail Roller Coasters are educational in many ways. Building this coaster teaches physics, engineering, design, and science. All the while, you will strengthen your critical thinking skills.

It will take time and patience to set up. You will want to take the time to read the directions for each step but that is what makes it fun. It’s an educational and challenging set that, depending on the level, takes several hours to complete.

The higher the level, the more difficult the set.

Start with a Level 1 or Level 2 set and let your kids gain mastery over it. It will be doable and enjoyable, and they will learn the basics of setting up Space Rails. These are great sets for parents and children to complete together.

SpaceRail is educational

Your kids may enjoy building with Lego and other types of creative sets. Space Rail is unique and will further introduce STEM concepts. A nice feature of all SpaceRail sets is after you build it, everyone can have fun running the marbles down the tracks.

Space Rail is a set or game that is educational and challenges your creativity, skill, patience, and persistence.

It’s more than a game in that you don’t take turns playing it. You can consider it more of a model you build and then enjoy playing with. SpaceRail can provide you, your family, and friends hours of learning fun and exhilarating entertainment.

Whether you’re at Level 1 or higher, the SpaceRail game is an exciting activity even prior to playing it. Depending on the level, just assembling a SpaceRail will test your doggedness to construct something as thrilling as the resulting game itself.

SpaceRail can be played individually or with other players, meaning it could be a test for your personal best score or a competitive event with anybody.

The higher the SpaceRail level is, the more difficult it becomes, especially with construction.

Remember that this game is either a deal maker or breaker for you insofar as your rails and tracks are concerned.

Putting these together is no easy task, but the more careful and meticulous you are in doing so, the better the chances of you winning every time.

But it’s not all gaming that SpaceRail has for you.

Building it teaches you some pretty handy stuff, too.

Working your way to each level is one lesson in patience because you can’t just skip levels, unless you want to get frustrated over unstable rails and marble runs that go haywire.

Constructing each level motivates you to do your best with each one, so that’s another lesson learned.

Giant SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster
Giant SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster

Features of the SpaceRail

All SpaceRail levels have kits that vary in rail and track lengths and number of parts and pieces, depending on the level to be constructed.

All levels have basic pieces for assembly including tracks, marble balls, and the nuts-and-bolts.

The differences are on the degree of difficulty from said length, pieces, and parts.

All SpaceRail levels require varying cell batteries to power up its high lift elevator.

All SpaceRail games have different ascent, see-saw drops, speed runs, descent, loops, etc. depending on the level you want to construct.

Each of the levels comes with an instruction manual.

Spacerail Level 1

Choosing SpaceRail Level 1 is a great way to introduce this type of set. You will enjoy spending time with your kids assembling the space rails together.

Let the inner geek in you get out and take a look at features which have made the SpaceRail, at any level, worth your money, time, and effort.

Level 1 should be where you start because of its various components that you need to identify and assembled according to given instructions.

Sold as a kit, Level 1 is the introductory SpaceRail model that is priced affordably.

The instruction manual that comes with Level 1 is a guide on how to assemble the roller coaster and, while it provides a clear game outline, assembly of various parts as well as control and release of the marbles which run through it relies on how the player uses his or her strategy to win.

Recommended for children six years old above, older children who are new to SpaceRail can play this, too.

SpaceRail Level 2

This level is even more appealing to all age groups who have become familiarized with SpaceRail Level 1.

Customization of SpaceRail begins at Level 2, in which you can change the design for each time that you play.

One unique thing that Level 2 has is its glow-in-the-dark (GTD) feature.

This level has two separate tracks with the GTD loop the loop and rails.

SpaceRail Level 3

Your Hand-eye coordination should be picking up speed by now.

Customer reviews of Level 3 report the need for ergonomic skills not only to assemble this game but to play it as well.

Level 3 has more steep drops and climbs, 360° degree flip overs, and sharp and high G-turns.

Additionally, Level 3 has more parts to be assembled because its length – all 16,000 mm of it – is longer.

SpaceRail Level 4

Because this level is higher than the first three, there are also more parts to assemble.

Like Levels 1, 2, and 3, this level provides fun, learning, and entertainment.

Read the instruction manual twice, or even thrice, though since more parts translate to more confusion when putting them together (and frustration over wasted time).

SpaceRail Level 5

More intensive labor regarding assembly of additional parts for Level 5 but that is to be expected as you have now reached this stage.

The construction of your SpaceRail Level 5 will be more intricate, undoubtedly, as you strategized how customization will be done for its 32,000 mm rail length.

Oh, and this one is GTD-capable as well.

SpaceRail Level 6

Level 6 is intermediate stage with more accessories than the previous five other levels.

Again, this will entail more assembly time.

The degree of difficulty, however, will really depend on how you will customize your SpaceRail.

More accessories mean more potential for more thrilling stunts, of course, which you should master before moving on to the next three levels.

SpaceRail Level 7

This one escalates, literally, as it has 120 feet of track.

Think roller coaster meets oil rig, that’s how the assembled Level 7 will look like.

Needless to say, this level has more parts than the last six levels but these are neatly categorized, with each piece identifiable with symbols at both of its ends, a real time saver for this huge structure.

SpaceRail Level 8

Congratulate yourself as soon as you find yourself at Level 8 with its 40,000 mm of rail length and an assembled size of 92cm x 44cm x 64cm because you are now official at the advanced stage.

Still, the sheer volume of the parts and pieces of Level 8 should be easy enough to put together not only because of the helpful manual but also because you’re quite adept with these additions.

SpaceRail Level 9

At last, you’re on to Level 9 and while all the features of the first eight levels have now converged in this ultimate SpaceRail game, working on 200 feet of rail length is not a walk in the park.

Still, the sense of achievement has finally come to you with this gigantic roller coaster that you can choose to customize to challenge yourself even more.

How to Play SpaceRail

Playing the SpaceRail Game is easy as pie, regardless of level.

You just drop the marble – or marbles – on top of your assembled level and let it do what it does best: glide and slide through the loops, twists, drops, and turns which you have created.

That’s why the way you construct your particular SpaceRail Game level makes all the difference between playing a good game and playing a great one.

Pros and Cons of the SpaceRail Game

SpaceRail Pros

Based on customer reviews, an overwhelming majority of those who purchased a SpaceRail game, regardless of level, have been satisfied with its performance.

This game has also been considered highly educational for children with its challenge for problem-solving, mainly on putting the parts together to ensure that the marbles perform well.

Assembly of the pieces and parts is what makes the SpaceRail game levels fun, notwithstanding the length of time need for completion.

Customers have reported assembling these parts and pieces was an opportune time for families to bond and for friends to get together.

Parent-customers were also glad that this game didn’t require a keyboard, joystick or console.

SpaceRail Cons

The singular common “con” was not getting the assembly right which is minor, considering that it is not a manufacturer’s defect, only a frustrated customer’s difficulty to follow instructions.

Some customers reported dissatisfaction with the game level they have purchased but this was mainly because what they bought was the incorrect level for their children’s ages, i.e. Level 3 for a 7-year-old.

SpaceRail Level 9 - Spacewarp Level 9
SpaceRail Level 9 – Spacewarp Level 9

What Users Say About SpaceRail

You may purchase it for yourself or receive it as a gift. The Amazon ratings may be varied for the different levels but the common denominator for customer reviews is the uniqueness of the SpaceRail Game, at any level.

Users noted the educational value of the SpaceRail Game presented in a fun and entertaining manner.

Although difficulty in assembly was reported, users also acknowledged that this was normal for levels which advance toward the ultimate goal of reaching Level 9.

Even parents raved about the SpaceRail Game as they ascended to the various levels and enjoyed assembling and playing them as much as their kids did.

Customer reviews found this game exceptional for its value, too.

Should you buy a SpaceRail Game?

If you want an educational game that can teach your child skills like problem-solving, figure classifications, and the like, then a SpaceRail Game is a good buy.

More than anything, this game will encourage a child to be patient and inspire creativity. It will improve building skills, and instill self-esteem upon completion of assembly.

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