SpaceRail Level 1 Marble Roller Coaster Review

SpaceRail Level 1 is the initial contact that most people have with the roller coaster game that grown to become a household name.

The popularity of the game has increased over time because of its ability to integrate both fun and education at the same time.

SpaceRail is a toy that even older children will enjoy as the sets get progressively more challenging.

It’s great for building a growth mindset in kids, even into their teen years.

There are beginner sets up to advanced sets.

It is a common choice for many parents looking for gifts for children interested in science and construction.

The majority of the components provided in the roller coaster kit in level one are quite basic because the main focus is to introduce players to the game and have them understand it as much as possible.

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SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster
SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster

SpaceRail Level 1 Marble Roller Coaster Review

For the SpaceRail Level 1 to be effective, the plastic tubes that are provided to construct the tracks need to be assembled properly.

The assembling is generally fun but can be a bit tricky for young children.

Most younger children will need supervision to successfully build the roller coaster.

As soon as you finish helping your child assemble the roller coaster, he or she will enjoy releasing the steel marbles on the tracks.

They will enjoy seeing the marbles go through turns, twists, and successfully through loops.

Spacerail Level 1
Spacerail Level 1

Features of SpaceRail Level 1

The Spacerail Level 1 Marble Roller Coaster has a number of features that make a good choice for many parents and even older teenagers.

Some of these features include:

Various components

To set up the level one roller coaster, there are a variety of parts that need to identified and assembled according to the instructions given.

These parts are sold as part of the kit and provide the challenge for players that are determined to build the roller coaster from scratch.

Affordable price

The introductory roller coaster kit is available in a number of game stores whether online or in the local area.

It is sold at an affordable price.

Therefore, parents can buy more than one set and even get a more challenging set for the family to complete after the beginner levels.

Clear instruction manual

The kit is sold with a manual which guides players.

This provides step-by-step instructions.

Age range

Although the roller coaster game should be played by children that are a minimum of six years old, older kids will enjoy it too.

Different levels

Level 1 of the game may be basic but it kids and adults will enjoy it.

As your skills progress, you can get the more challenging levels.

Great STEM toy

You will enjoy the SpaceRail Level 1 roller coaster kit.

Budding engineers will learn patience and organization as they set it up.

This is an age appropriate developmental toy which may enhance your child’s interest in STEM activities.

As they grow older, they can attempt other levels of the game to build their confidence much further.

Toys that engage children will hold their attention and build their confidence.

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There are STEM options which will keep your kids learning while having fun.