Spacewarp Level 9 ~ 200ft of Spacerail – Hardest Level

Spacewarp level 9 – When was the last time you played a game where you didn’t have to use a console, joystick or a keyboard?

Must have been a while, given the proliferation of video games.

So, if you feel nostalgic about the games you played growing up or just love trains, Spacerail – Spacewrap Level 9 is just the game for you.

Old School Gaming Just Got Better!

Spacerail/Spacewarp Level 9 ,200ft of Rails – New Arrival – Special Edition, Limited – Hardest Level for Genius Kids

Spacerail level 9 - Spacewarp Level 9
SpaceRail Level 9 – Spacewarp Level 9

What is Spacerail / Spacewarp Level 9?

Spacerail Level 9 (Spacewarp Level 9) is a do-it-yourself toy designed for kids and adults alike.

It is a plastic roller coaster set up with two or maybe three steel marble rolling balls which roll up and down the tracks upon completion.

Its assembly requires players to adjust the lengths they require and build the entire track, which is two feet long, for the roller coaster to move on.

Spacerail /Spacewrap Level 9 is perhaps the most difficult game in the series which is why the makers have decided it will conclude it.

You have no less than 200ft. of rail to assemble and play with.

Apart from the fun and enjoyment you derive from Spacerail games or Spacewarp Games here is a list of other advantages the game offers:

The more obvious advantage of building a level 9 Spacerail is the sheer pleasure of achievement.

Building the track is not as easy as it may sound to you.

Arranging and assembling all of the parts to form a giant roller coaster is indeed challenging, not to mention complex.

This is why the ideal age to play the game is over 15.

This one isn’t for young kids but that doesn’t mean you cannot play it with your kids!

Secondly, there are a lot of different parts that you could use in your Spacerail kit level 9 to make customization roller coaster designs.

This allows participants building the roller coaster to be more creatively engaged and not just try to follow instructions, not that you can anyways.

You can put your own spin on the design and come up with something unique.

Believe it or not, this could prove to be a great stress buster.

Furthermore, if you haven’t played the game before, it will do you good if you purchase earlier versions of the game.

It would give you a good idea of what needs to be done to maximize the fun you derive from the game and work your way up.

Most of the time, due to the experience gained playing earlier levels; players find it easy to build advanced roller coasters.

Last but not least, you can attempt to make the roller coaster as diverse as possible in order to allow the steel marble balls to go wherever you want.

Based on your modifications the way the marbles balls travel could turn to be a really cool spectacle.

So, why wait?

As you can see this game has the potential to become your new guilty pleasure.

Not to forget that if you order right away, you can enjoy a great offer on this old-school rail game!