SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster Game Review

This article tells you everything you need to know about the SpaceRail Level 6 including its features, how to play the game and its pros and cons.

The SpaceRail Level 6 will provide you with hours upon hours of so much fun from roller metal balls that you may find it hard to stop.

But a word of caution to the wise: it’s a tricky game because it’s up to you to make those marbles glide as evenly and smoothly as possible.

Yes, it’s a self-perpetuation entertainment device, but then again, that is what these features are for.

Features of SpaceRails Level 6 Review of Marble Roller Coaster

With a rail length of 60 meters and 6000 centimeters of tracks, the SpaceRail Level 6 can be an endless game for those who want more than puzzles to challenge their creativity and skills.

And there’s no wanting for parts and pieces to accomplish these because the SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster has all 1155 of it.

To provide even more challenge, it has a 30 centimeter tall automatic lift for you to provide the lunatic, albeit highly entertaining descent of eight steel balls included in the purchase.

It comes with a bilingual instruction manual in English and German and runs on a 1xC cell battery.

At only 3.5 pounds, this SpaceRail is as lightweight as it gets.

How to Play the SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster

This is a simple enough game which could be played indoors as well as outdoors after assembly.

SpaceRail is really about the fun of constructing the run, whatever level it is, and watching the marbles go through your particular creation.

The rule of thumb is to let your marbles run along and over the rail lines you have built until they reach the bottom.

For loop rail-ready models, all you have to do is adjust the rail’s corner to ready it and you’re all set to go.

Although you construct the SpaceRail Level 6 according to the manual, you can design your own with pieces and parts separately.

Just remember that the more complicated the design of construction, the more difficult, albeit more challenging, the play will be.

Pros and Cons of the SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster

Pros of the SpaceRail Level 6

The SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster is well made, that’s for sure, and the best “pro” it has is the sense of accomplishment it provides the user.

Undoubtedly, patience is required to assemble this mammoth of a roller coaster since it takes two days to put everything together (nobody has complained about the time it takes to do this as of yet).

Most DIY kits provide relaxation from the stress of daily life.

The SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster is no exception. It’s easy to lose yourself in the process.

Assembly, in fact, is only the initial challenge.

As its model name says, Level 6 is an advanced stage which is for those who are already familiar with marble roller coasters.

SpaceRail has various levels in their models.

Hobbyists and gaming enthusiasts alike will find the SpaceRail Level 6 as highly entertaining as it is educational.

Additionally, it makes an excellent gift for 15-year-olds and above who are more into traditional puzzle toys than those computerized versions on the internet.

The SpaceRail Level 6 will be at home in any game room as much as a display ornament.

Cons of the SpaceRail Level 6

No reported “cons” to date except some customer reviews who reported frustration because they found the construction difficult to complete even with the manual.

SpaceRails Level 6 Review

The SpaceRails level 6 is a great stage to reach because by this time, the gamers would have become quite familiar with what the game and assembling the game entails and this would mean that the players would be more confident while putting the game together.

This would also mean that one should take less time to put the game together in place.

This takes the game Marble Runs to a whole new level.

The result is a new level of excitement into the game.

It would be a good idea to work your way up the various levels of the SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster game because it would be rather impossible for a first time user to fathom the intricacies of the game if he or she started at an intermediate level.

Giant Space Rail Marble Roller Coaster Set Level 6 60,000mm Spacewarp Spacerail Version H is an intermediate level and this makes sure that the game is more difficult and requires a lot of concentration.

This level involves more accessories and parts of course and this makes the assembling more complicated.

The game also comes with a detailed manual. It has all the instructions in English as well as other languages.

This means it should not be a problem at all when attempting to assemble the game.

Spacerails Level 6 Review
Spacerail Level 6

SpaceRail Level 6 Review

This particular SpaceRail is not your regular ensemble by, literally, a large scale.

You have to cut the track to its correct size, form loops, drops, cubes, and runs.

The idea is to be able to attach everything to their metal rods in its plastic base.

Think of it as Takabishia meets Millennium Force in mobile diorama form.

Once assembled, though, this SpaceRail model will dazzle you.

The SpaceRail Level 6 Marble Roller Coaster is no toy for kids.

It’s an advanced Do-It-Yourself (DIY) building set designed for “professionals” who may or may not be kids but are definitely ready for the most enjoyable marble runs.

If you are that “professional,” by all means get this wonderfully entertaining, mind-challenging, and skill-enhancing “toy.”